Sample Pack Laser Heat Transfer Paper


Achieve exceptional results with Neenah Heat Transfer Paper for Laser Printers. Designed for clarity and durability, it creates vibrant designs on fabric. Ideal for custom apparel, bags, and home decor.


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  • 5 sheets Techni EZ Print Lightwear Heat Transfer Paper for laser printers
  • 5 sheets Laser1 Opaque Darkwear Heat Transfer Paper for laser printers

    The Neenah Heat Transfer Paper for Laser Printers is a premium solution for transferring high-quality designs onto fabric. Specifically designed for laser printers, this paper delivers exceptional clarity and detail in your printed designs. With its commercial-grade quality, this transfer paper ensures excellent adhesion and durability, making your designs withstand numerous washes and extended wear.

    Each sheet of Neenah Heat Transfer Paper is coated to facilitate easy transfer onto fabric using heat. Whether you’re creating custom apparel, personalized bags, or unique home decor items, this paper guarantees vibrant colors and sharp, crisp images.

    Simply print your design onto the transfer paper using a laser printer, trim it to the desired size, and apply heat with a heat press or household iron. Watch as your design seamlessly transfers onto the fabric, leaving a professional and long-lasting impression.

    With Neenah Heat Transfer Paper for Laser Printers, your fabric creations will stand out with unparalleled precision and durability.