Sample Pack Neenah Inkjet Transfer Paper A4


Unleash your creativity with Neenah Heat Transfer Paper for Inkjet Printers. This sample pack includes commercial-grade papers for both light and dark wear. Achieve vivid, long-lasting designs on fabric using your inkjet printer and heat transfer process. Transform ordinary garments into extraordinary creations. Perfect for personalised t-shirts, tote bags, and home decor.

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The Neenah Heat Transfer Paper for Inkjet Printers is a remarkable solution for creating high-quality, professional-grade designs on fabric. This sample pack includes both light wear and dark wear papers, allowing you to unleash your creativity on various coloured garments. Designed for use with inkjet printers, this commercial-grade paper ensures vivid and vibrant colors that truly pop on your fabric creations.

Each sheet of Neenah Heat Transfer Paper features an advanced coating that facilitates easy transfer of your designs onto fabric using heat. Whether you’re designing personalized t-shirts, custom tote bags, or unique home decor items, this transfer paper provides excellent adhesion and durability, ensuring your designs stay intact even after multiple washes.

Simply print your design onto the heat transfer paper using your inkjet printer, trim it to the desired size, and then apply heat using a heat press or household iron. The heat activates the transfer process, bonding your design onto the fabric.

With Neenah Heat Transfer Paper for Inkjet Printers, you can transform ordinary garments into extraordinary personalised creations. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, this product guarantees impressive results and endless design possibilities.