VersaSTUDIO BN-20D Desktop Direct-to-Film System

Introducing the VersaSTUDIO BN-20D Desktop Direct-to-Film System—a complete solution for transferring even the most detailed designs and images onto eye-catching durable apparel. With this system, you get the wide-format capabilities of Roland DG’s legendary BN-20 printer along with an integrated direct-to-film transfer system, allowing you to create custom T-shirts and more with just four easy steps and no weeding or masking required. When not in use for film transfer printing, the BN-20D can also double as a stand-alone vinyl cutter. And, it’s powered by VersaWorks 6, Roland DG’s most powerful RIP to date. Get the reliability, simplicity, and versatility you need for apparel transfers with the VersaSTUDIO BN-20D Desktop Direct-to-Film System!

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Make Stunning Custom T-Shirts and Accessories

The BN-20D Direct-to-Film System lets you customise T-shirts and other apparel items with colourful, detailed graphics and text quickly and easily.

The VersaSTUDIO BN-20D is a versatile printer that offers the convenience of direct-to-film printing, allowing users to transfer detailed graphics and fine text onto apparel without the need for weeding or masking. This four-step process makes creating custom T-shirts and other garments a simple and trouble-free experience. With a direct to film workflow, Roland DG’s BN-20D Direct-to-Film System improves upon the process by combining tested materials with Roland DG reliability for a system that will consistently generate quality results time after time.

  • Simple direct-to-film process – transfer even detailed graphics and fine text quickly and easily without weeding or masking.
  • Complete direct-to-film solution featuring the BN-20D printer and available S-PG inks, S-F164 film, and S-Powder (each sold separately).
  • Unsurpassed reliability and minimal maintenance
  • When not being used for film transfer printing, the BN-20D can also serve as a stand-alone vinyl cutter.
  • Included VersaWorks 6 RIP software – Roland DG’s most powerful, intuitive RIP to date.

The BN-20D comes with everything you need for direct-to-film printing, including the printer itself, S-PG inks, S-F164 film, and S-Powder (each sold separately). This complete solution ensures that you have all the necessary tools to achieve high-quality results.

For a full solution, combine the BN-20D printer with:
• S-PG direct transfer inks
• S-POWDER direct transfer powder
• S-F164 direct transfer film
Each sold separately.

In addition to its direct-to-film capabilities, the BN-20D also offers exceptional reliability and requires minimal maintenance. This means that you can rely on the printer to consistently deliver outstanding results, without having to worry about frequent breakdowns or costly repairs.

When not being used for film transfer printing, the BN-20D can function as a stand-alone vinyl cutter, further expanding its versatility and usefulness for a variety of applications.

To streamline the printing process, the BN-20D comes with VersaWorks 6 RIP software, which is Roland DG’s most powerful and intuitive RIP software to date. This software ensures that you can easily and efficiently manage your print jobs, allowing you to achieve the best possible results with minimal effort.

Overall, the VersaSTUDIO BN-20D is a reliable and versatile printer that offers the convenience of direct-to-film printing, making it an excellent choice for those looking to enhance apparel with eye-catching graphics.


Included VersaWorks 6 RIP Software

BN-20D devices have been engineered to make print production easy for users of all skill levels. In addition to a simplified control panel operation, it includes VersaWorks 6 RIP software, with powerfully simple RIP production tools, for managing all your print and cut output.

  • HARLEQUIN RIP dual core engine and 64-bit native processing for enhanced speed and file handling.
  • Add cut lines directly in the RIP— change vector data into cut line data.
  • A variety of profiles designed for different types of application, enable high-quality print output without difficult settings.
  • Easy drag-and-drop interface allows you to quickly add jobs to the print queue.
  • Integrated spot colour libraries include Pantone and Roland DG Color libraries.
  • Intuitive tiling, cropping, nesting and other features that have made VersaWorks the world’s favourite software RIP



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