Neenah JET-PRO®SofStretch™ Lightwear Heat Transfer Paper 25 Pack A3


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Neenah JET-PRO®SofStretch™ Lightwear Heat Transfer Paper 25 Pack A3 $145.00

JET-PRO®SofStretch™ Transfer Paper 25 Pack A3

Heat Transfer Papers are designed for the heat transfer of photos and images using ink jet printers to
light coloured T-shirts, sweat shirts, mousepads, coasters, puzzles and leather goods. Choose garments that have a tight weave. This is particularly important when transferring to sweat shirts.

JETPRO SofStretch Heat Transfer Paper is a soft and stretchy heat transfer paper for use on virtually any type of light fabric. Jetpro Sofstretch is easy to work with, durable and commercial grade.

It was created to combine the look and feel of direct to garment printing with the ease of desktop printing.


  • JetPro SofStretch has excellent hand for cotton, poly and blends.
  • The colours are vivid and the thin polymer coating holds ink for maximum colour saturation while reducing “heavy borders.”
  • JetPro SofStretch has great washability. The hand actually improves with washing.
  • Stretching after peeling increases durability of your transfers and softens the initial hand of the transfer.
  • Neenah Green-e Certified, perfect for infant and children clothing!
  • This is our first product for both hot and cold peel. (Note: hot peeling JetPro SofStretch and stretching while transfer is still warm, increases softness and lessens hard hand and film edge.)

***JetPro SofStretch can be applied to garments using a hand iron however, some house hold irons are not able to reach required temperatures for this paper. We recommend heat press application for best results.***