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Introducing the newly redesigned Galaxy Swing Heat Press

The new and refined Galaxy 20D Swing press is now ready to fill that gap in the heat press market.

A light weight and easy to use swing press! Finally we are able to introduce this machine and stock is arriving soon, this press is a game changer!


1. Swing Away Design:

The swing-away design gives you complete unobstructed access to the lower platen while working. Hassle-free to load the garments and place transfers and also includes teflon sheets, pressing mats and heat tape.

2. Over The Center Pressure Distribution:

The pressure source is strategically placed over the centre of the upper platen and uses struts to drive that pressure out to all corners. The result is an even and heavy duty distribution of pressure performance ensuring equal and even pressing everytime.

3. Higher sitting Lower Platen for ease of pressing:

The special designed base allows users to slit garments over the lower platen without stretching them out. Simply load the shirt onto the platen and feed the bottom of the garment through the clearance underneath the lower platen.

4. “RAMLOCK” Quick Change System:

With this patent system, you can change multiple lower platens with different sizes easily that can be purchased separately.

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