MDF Wooden Sublimation Phone Stand


Enhance your digital experience with our MDF Wooden Sublimation Phone Stand. Compatible with any phone, it’s perfect for video calls, watching content, or keeping your desk organized.

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MDF Wooden Sublimation Phone Stand $5.95

MDF Wooden Sublimation Phone Stand

Upgrade your digital convenience with our MDF Wooden Sublimation Phone Stand. This stand, compatible with any phone, offers a practical and stylish solution for video calling, content watching, or simply adding order to your workspace.


  • Universal Compatibility: Designed to hold any phone, providing easy viewing and accessibility.
  • Two-Part Design: The MDF phone stand consists of two parts, offering stability and ease of assembly.
  • Printable on One Side: Customize the stand with your choice of design or logo, perfect for personal use or gifting.
  • Superb Bright Finish: The stand boasts a bright finish that complements any decor style.
  • Made from MDF: Ensures durability and a sleek, modern look.
  • Unique Size: With dimensions of 175mm x 83mm and a thickness of 3mm, it’s the perfect compact accessory for any desk or tabletop.
  • Individually Packaged: Each phone stand is individually packaged, ensuring a pristine product ready for use or gifting.
  • Bulk Discount Available: Purchase in bulk to enjoy our special discounts.

Our MDF Wooden Sublimation Phone Stand merges functionality with style, perfect for enhancing your digital experience.



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