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Starting a T-Shirt Business in the best way.

There are many processes that are used to make T-shirts and other Garments.

  • Screen Printing
  • DTF (Direct to Film)
  • DTG ( Direct to Garment )
  • Embroidery
  • Print and Cut Solvent Vinyl Transfers
  • Vinyl Transfers
  • Heat Transfers

Each has its own unique process with varying start up and investment costs.

The most expensive systems are Screen Printing  DTG, Embroidery and Print Cut Solvent Vinyl Transfers. With the investment needed upwards of $20,000. Definitely not an option for the beginner who is starting out by testing the waters.

Each one is, as mentioned previously very costly to set up and difficult to use. Basically, these processes are for someone already in the business or as the second stage of growing their business.

They are only suited to a manufacturing aspect more so than one of design, print, market and sell which is what most customers want to do.

If you had any of these systems your customers would be those coming to you to print their T-Shirts in large quantities.

A bit like a large printing company that all they did was print magazines, leaflets and other items for graphic designers, advertising agencies etc.Sublimation is another process that should be ruled out for the beginner as well.

Why ?

Because it uses a special formula ink and printer and can only be applied to white polyester material.

It will not work on cotton, either white black or coloured material.

Basically it is useless and a definite no no. Be wary of anyone who tells you otherwise. So where does that leave you ? It leaves you with the Heat Transfer method.

Definitely the best low cost way to start. It is easy, quick to use and the ideal way to learn all about the business. Trust me, you will have fun, you will be making shirts for your friends and family whilst learning all about it.

This process is low cost and uses any Inkjet or Laser Printer, a Vinyl Cutting Machine and Heat Press. The transfers you can create are varied with the ability to produce all types of T-Shirts and Garments. Hoodies, work-wear, corporate wear, hospitality wear are all possible including baby-wear. You are not just limited to T-Shirts with the opportunities being endless, all with little start up costs.

Now for the interesting part that I want to share with you.

Sellers of the expensive equipment and systems which I have already touched on do not tell you this. All these processes need a Heat Press, yes they need a Heat Press. So my thoughts, why not start with the Heat Transfer System and Heat Press.

The investment cost is less than 10-15% of the other processes and you will be definitely making T-Shirts in a few hours. Better still, buy the Heat Transfer System in a package. Don’t just buy a Heat Press !

The Heat Press is only part of what you need.

A little like having the oven without the mixers, blenders, trays, food, ingredients and recipes…..

The oven is just a box on its own, same as a heat press
. You need the other equipment, cutting machine, printer, plus the right vinyl, papers, inks, etc etc

Let me share a story with you.

 Here is an email from James one of our good customers who was searching and trying to find the best way to begin, much like yourself if you are reading this and others.

I am sure you will be able to relate and get confidence from James.
 It sure is an interesting and enlightening read……

I was surfing the net for screen printing equipment and DTG machinery, the start up cost were far too extreme for my budget.

Along with the maintenance, training and time needed, in the long run it would be very hard to make back what I would have to put in.
 And then i stumbled across Picture Perfect Products and learned about vinyl and heat pressing on garments.

Terry and the crew helped me realise that this is the best way to go in regards to printing on garments on a budget but with quality equipment. So I purchased a business starter pack, and I am making my own t-shirts for friends and family and even taking custom orders on the side. Plus the best thing is there is no paint or washing of equipment after every project.

I am so glad that I found Terry and the crew before I purchased any kind of DTG or screen printing machines.
I’m doing all the same thing with my printer, cutter, and heat press.

Thanks Picture Perfect!!
James from Brisbane

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