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Introducing the New Galaxy Tumbler Press

Introducing the New Galaxy Tumbler Heat Press
  • Are you struggling to achieve a full print on the skinny tumblers?
  • Are you looking for a mug press that can print both the 20oz and 30oz Skinny Tumblers?
  • Are you looking for a mug press that can print all types of cylindrical shaped Tumblers?
  • Do you want to save time pressing multiple mugs at the one time?
  • Picture Perfect Products is excited to introduce the newest mug press to our Galaxy Press range, the Galaxy Tumbler Heat Press.

    The Galaxy Tumbler heat press is the latest model with a wide range of new and updated features. It is available in three different colours (Mint, Pink and Black). It is a perfect companion to the Hobby Press Pro. 

    The Tumbler press is made to press the popular 12oz , 20oz and 30oz straight tumblers allowing for complete tumbler print coverage, you can also pop 2 110z mugs in and print 2 at a time!

    Compatible with a variety of different platens this press will be able to do bottles, latte/conical bottles, wine tumblers and so much more.


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