PrePrinted DTF (Direct to Film) Transfers- 5 x My First Theme Pack 

Our new pre printed DTF transfers are a fun way to update your garments and are quick and easy to use.
Simply press and peel! No cutting, weeding, printing required. These are printed, cured and ready to us.

These are My First themed transfers will work on almost all garments (best to lay the transfer over the garment first to see if the colours will look good, ie some transfers might have a black edge so wouldnt be suited to black garments)

Each transfer is roughly 10cm x 12cms but can vary, sized to shirt an infants bodysuit or tshirt.

Pack includes all 5 designs as per the image shown.

My first Christmas
My First Halloween
My First Easter
My First Birthday
and My First Birthday,
All unisex designs and best shirted to white and lighter colours garments.

Heat Press Times and Temps (these arent for use with an iron, EasyPress machines are also not an ideal machine to apply these, a tradition heat press will give the best result)

  1. Pre Press the garment to remove any wrinkles, moisture and to flatten the garment
  2. Press at 160c for 10 seconds– do not use teflon to cover the transfer, use baking paper or parchment paper if needed but can be applied with out anything over the film.
  3. Hot or Cold peel, if peeling hot it is recommended to rub over with a cloth over the whole transfer to ensure the glues are bonded before peeling.
  4. To achieve the softest result you can then repress over the transfer with a fabric similar to the garment to give the transfer the garments weave look and feel.


If you’re after your own CUSTOM DTF prints please see our link below:


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