Pre Cut Heat Tape Dispenser – Pink


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Pre Cut Heat Tape Dispenser - Pink $29.95

Pre Cut Heat Tape Dispenser – Pink

Save a lot of time with our pre-cut tape dispenser. This is a manual defined length tape dispenser, perfect for for applications where a fixed length of tape is needed. Perfect for high production of sublimation mugs, drink bottles, tiles and more. A proven time saver that makes prep work a breeze.

Unit holds two rolls in the center and another roll on the side.

With one turn of the big wheel the unit covers the sprockets with 4 strips of 1.8″ tape strips.

The second build in roll holder (on the left side) works like a conventional tape dispenser.


Length: 10″

Width: 4.5″

Height: 5.5″

Weight: 1.5 Lbs

Core Size: 3″

Max Width of Tape: 1.5″

* Please note unit sent will be pink and does not include the heat tape.