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The Choice Heat Press Machine Supplier

Picture Perfect Products is the go-to heat press machine supplier for all things sublimation and heat transfer printing. And if you’re thinking of getting into the industry, better rely on the one that’s been tried, tested, and trusted by them: Picture Perfect Products. As the sole distributor of the best heat press machines from Galaxy Press, you can choose which one is the most suitable for your business.

Because heat press machines provide a cleaner, cheaper, and faster way of heat transfer printing, it has become the default equipment of many printing businesses. And as printing technology evolves, we now see many heat press machines capable of doing digitally produced heat transfers. We at Picture Perfect Products has devised a way for you to get into the printing business easily with our business packages.

Designed to help you set up the kind of printing business you want, the business packages give you the heat press machine you want and then some—like expert product training, the best ongoing support you’ll ever have, and many more.

Hobby Presses

These desktop heat press machines became popular because of convenience, especially for those who stay at home and have some kind of personalisation business like handicraft sublimation, print-on-demand products like t-shirts, caps, etc. Aside from the functional side of the hobby presses that Picture Perfect Products has, they come in different colour options that will surely complement your home business environment. This line of hobby presses from Galaxy Press will surely inspire your entrepreneurial spirit and creativity.

Commercial Presses

For a larger number of printing jobs, Picture Perfect Products offers Galaxy and Stockman commercial heat presses. They’re perfect for garment shops, retail, printing shops, and the like where there’s a bigger demand for heat-pressed merchandise and personalised products like t-shirts, mugs, caps, and more. Our commercial presses can easily do sublimation printing from hats to garments. You can also change the bases or the platen to accommodate different garment sizes for heat pressing.

Hat & Mug Presses, & Pen Press

Suitable for small to medium-scale printing businesses, these heat press machines are the way to go for personalising gift items like hats, mugs, tumblers, and pens. The Mug Press Pro can heat press 10 and 11 oz. mugs, whether they’re travel mugs or drink bottles. The Hat Press we have is versatile enough to accommodate extra attachment bases of various sizes for hat pressing. Additional bases for the hat press are sold separately. The best part? You can also use it to press your designs onto bags, pockets, sleeves, and the like!

Our Tumbler Press is compatible with platens of various sizes, letting you print your designs onto large tumblers and different drinkware. Its versatility doesn’t end there as our latest Galaxy Pen Press is the perfect add-on to your Galaxy Tumbler Press. We all know that pens are a perennial all-occasion giveaway. And this pen heater can accommodate up to 6 sublimation pens!

Because of the many options we offer, we have become the choice heat press machine supplier of many enterprising Australians. We’d love to add you to our list!