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Stockman Heat Press: Another Quality Heat Press Range in Central Coast

Picture Perfect Products takes pride in being the sole distributor of Galaxy Press’ range of heat presses in Central Coast. Now, more than ever, there’s more reason for us to be proud as we also offer a range of Stockman Heat Press, from the same makers of high-quality Galaxy heat press machines. The Stockman Heat Press machines come in three types: Brumby, Colt, and Stallion; eponymously named after equine types to reflect the hardworking nature and the capacity of work these heat presses can do. Priced within your reach, the Stockman Heat Presses make for a great business investment as they not only will give you quality output—they will prove to be an effective and invaluable tool for your customised printing business to grow.

Stockman Brumby. The perfect hobby press for small custom printing businesses or for stay-at-home folks who want to earn extra through customised and personalised printing services. Operated with a 28cm x 38cm heat platen, this sturdy heat press is ideal for heat pressing vinyl, fabrics, ceramics, and other heat-resistant materials. The digital control panel and heavy-duty frame guarantee functionality and durability, providing you a stress-free heat press operation.

Stockman Colt. Ideal for start-up custom printing businesses, the Stockman Colt can also be used in digital direct-to-garment printing and heat transfer applications. The pressure source which is strategically placed over the centre of the thick, non-stick Teflon-coated upper heat platen provides a stable and even heating performance, and uses struts to drive the pressure to all corners. This results in a very balanced distribution of pressure which no other heat presses in the market can do.

Stockman Stallion. For larger printing requirements, then this is it. With a 16″ x 20″ heat platen, the Stockman Stallion is a heavy-duty, quality machine that gives perfect results when pressing all heat transfer materials from sublimation to vinyls. The same as the other Stockman heat presses, the user-friendly control panel and sturdy frame provide you with a stress-free heat press operation.

All Stockman Heat Press machines have a lifetime warranty on the platen & 2 years on parts. For other inclusions on each of the Stockman heat press models, our friendly staff at Picture Perfect Products are more than happy to entertain your queries.

About Picture Perfect Products

For more than 17 years in the sublimation and heat press industry, and 40+ years in the printing industry, Picture Perfect Products has become the go-to supplier of many custom printing businesses both big and small. We take pride in being the sole distributor of the best range of heat presses from Galaxy Press, including their range of Stockman Heat Press machines. The experience that we have gained throughout the years has sharpened our skills in identifying quality equipment to make it in this business. By offering heat press machines that deliver matchless performance, coupled with our outstanding customer support and competitive prices, we are here to see you succeed in this industry.