Sublimation LED Lamp -Heart

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Sublimation LED Lamp- Heart


Printable blank material: Sublimation coated acrylic

Colour: white frosted panel for sublimation printing (do not mirror image)

Size: 15cm x 12cm approx

Package includes:

1 x Light lamp base (white and warm light only)

1 x USB power cable (wall plug is required but NOT included)

Pressing Instructions (for a standard heat press, easy press style is not recommended but if these are used times and temps will vary)

  • Temperature 190 degrees Celcuis
  • Time 120 seconds.
  • Light to Medium Pressure
  • Make sure your image is NOT mirrored as your pressing to the reverse of the lamp.
  • Remove the protective film on both sides of acrylic item.
  • Remove immediately from press once finished, the acrylic will feel very soft and pliable, then place on a flat surface and put a heavy item on top to stop the acrylic from warping while it cools down.
  • Once cooled you can then remove the paper and place into the lamp base.

Can also be used with adhesive vinyls

Also available in square and round shape.