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How to Profit Making T-Shirts

Making T-Shirts can be Profitable

Here are some great reasons how Heat Transfers for T-Shirts will help you make profit:

1. High Profit Margins
Because there is a large and growing demand for personalised products, average profit margins are in the range of 400% to 600%. When new and creative products are introduced those margins can be even higher. So being new can be a good thing. If you are an established business a new products will be your additional profit.

2. More Repeat Business
As an established business, the good news is those customers back time after time. The bad news is they always ask “What’s New”. We have heard it say by many “same old stuff – different day”. Many times that is why the customer base gets smaller. New companies tend to offer new products, cater to customers and are always talking about the new because for them every product is new.

3. Renew-ability   

If you are already in the business your customers will buy more of the NEW things you talk about and will still need the products and service they came back for. If you have partners or employees ask them to pick one new item to talk to customers about  and see if you agree that new increases profit. If you are new be sure to learn about the old and talk about the new and you too will increase profit.

4. Add On Sales 

Most customers are only looking for a specific quantity of a product, and you can’t change that. However, offering other related products will increase sales.  For example you are asked to do a  T-Shirt you should let them know you can also make a matchingcoaster, mouse pad or apron.

5. Flexibility 

You will probably never miss another opportunity because the order was too small. Heat Transfers are quick, new with one of a kind being the most profitable. You can only be limited by your own creativity. This is one of a few businesses that will allow you to produce one or hundreds.

6. Drive By Opportunities 

Convenience is a big factor in the buying decision of many customers.  Many customers will buy from you, simply because you are close and convenient. But more so because you have the things that they have not seen or the old things done in a new way. Be sure everything you do points back to you by including a business card with every sale and a kind word to even those just passing by.

7. Low Start-Up Costs 

Even if you have nothing but a graphics program and a computer, and need buy everything else, it can still be under $2,000. If you happen to be a shop that already has the needed basic equipment, less than $1000 will open a whole New World of sales opportunity. Our intent is to offer expert information and in depth details, which will help you with your decisions, ideas and goals.
While our primary products are the things you need to do these processes with, heat presses, printers, ink, paper. Teflon, felt and etc. We are also a knowledgeable source for everything else you may need. From production tips to sales ideas to equipment and material sources – we will be pleased to help you. We think offering Heat Transfer products are one of the best kept “secrets” in the  business world.

While not many shops are in Heat Transfer business, many of our  customers are making good money.

Maybe that’s why they don’t talk much about it