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How to Choose a Heat Press

Important questions to ask yourself before you buy a Heat Press

1.  Are you happy to risk buying a cheap unsafe Heat Press from eBay or Alibaba for $300 or even less ?
2.  Are you prepared to struggle to learn how to use the Heat Press  ?
3.  Are you prepared to search for the needed media and products to use with it.?
4.  Have you been able to speak on the phone with the seller ?
5.  If you emailed the seller did you just get a price, without being asked what you were wanting to do ?
If you have answered NO to one or all of theses questions, then DO NOT buy from them.
Seriously, be careful when buying a heat press as there are lots of rubbish machines out there. They are being sold by others that are simply after a quick buck. They care nothing for YOU the customer and are quite frankly are dangerous.

Here is something very interesting we know after many years in this business.
Did you know 95% of customers that contact us have never used a heat press before ?  Do not know how a heat press is made, what parts are important, how cold spots appear etc. Plus one of the common complaints we hear with people if they did buy a heat press online from eBay was that it didn’t work, was over heating and had those dreaded cold spots. We have even had a few people tell us that these eBay presses started to spark or trip out their power!

Here at Picture Perfect Products we back all our machines and have spent years in perfecting them so that they will do everything you need, trouble free. We offer a warranty that no other company has been able to offer and we are passionate about our machines.
Buying a heat press is the easy part, its about knowing what else is needed that is the difficult part and that’s why we are different. We explain and help you understand everything before you buy. Check out our different heat presses, click here.

Heat Presses

Cheap Heat Presses in Australia Are Great For Small Businesses!

Cheap heat presses in Australia are every small-scale textile manufacturers dream come true. It’s not possible to make such products as mugs, hats, t-shirts, mouse pads and ornaments without a heat press and everyone knows, the bigger your business grows, the more you need to be able to produce. This often leads to more employees and at some point, you are going to need more heat presses or else your production line will suffer one heck of a traffic jam. But just because your business is growing doesn’t mean you can afford to just run out and snatch up the first pretty-looking and cheap heat presses in Australia you come across.

Obviously you are going to want to shop around and you are going to be looking for reliable, sturdy and long-lasting heat presses. You don’t want something that’s going to break in six months or something you’ll be replacing parts to in a year. You want something that will go the distance, increase your production output and streamline your production process. This means you need to look for brands with a history behind them. These companies have a long-standing reputation for producing excellence in their heat presses. You will also want to start looking around for wholesalers that will assist you in getting the best bargain that you can. Obviously, you want to invest in your company but you don’t want to break the bank in the process. Unfortunately, to keep expanding your business you are going to have to spend money. Make sure you spend it where it counts. Two excellent machines are better to have on hand than four lousy ones.

Heat Presses Have Warmed up the Industry

Heat presses make it possible for us to have some of the wonderful things we collect in our lives. Maybe you’ve never thought about how the designs you enjoy so much actually get onto the little objects in our lives, such as mouse-pads. Most people have at least one, and in general, we pick them based on what they have on them. Sometimes we come across one that is just too funny or cute to pass up, and suddenly, we have two. Most of the time, we don’t give a lot of thought to how the images we like so much got onto the mouse pad in the first place. If you did think about it though, the answer would be a heat press. Heat transfer images are all the rage now, as the technology has become better and better and these days, transferred images can be relied upon to last for a good long time. There was a time when that wasn’t really true. These days the combination of modern heat presses, technologically advanced inks and printers and perfected methodology, has led to heat transfer images that last and last, even when they are applied to garments and washed on a regular basis. I once had an enquiry email from someone asking for a price on a Heat Press.

The email simply read, ” Can you give me a price on your Auto Multifunction Dual Pressing Heat Press “.

The Heat Press in question was in fact one of the most expensive presses available and was aimed mostly for high production professionals. Rather than just give a price to the enquirer, as most companies would, a series of questions were asked by email, followed by a phone discussion with more detailed information exchanged. As a result the enquirer did indeed become a customer of the company. Not by spending in excess of $6000 on the Heat Press originally enquired about, but by way of just 10 sheets of heat transfer paper, to be used with her home iron. Cost to the customer was $27.50. A short time later after attending one of our workshops, seeing and using a Heat Press for the first time, the customer purchased a Galaxy Hobby Press Pro for well under a $1000.

This story is not unusual, as it happens regularly, but it does highlight something not said enough:
“ask for a price and generally that’s all you will get…. ”

Initially asking for advice and guidance will result in making more informed and cost effective decisions.

In the end, ask yourself this: ” What is a price without knowledge?” It could mean the difference between success or failure”.

To purchase wisely, you need more than just a price, you need information. Hopefully what we share here with you will create those two things……… Knowledge and Information.

PRICE has 3 Important aspects to it.


Each part makes up the price of any product. Reduce the quality and your price goes down, reduce Service and Warranty and your price goes down again, now reduce Support and Training and your prices goes even further down.

It’s pretty simple. The moral to be gained here is this.

If you see a Heat Press for a surprisingly “CHEAP” Price. Then one or all of the above aspects could be missing.

When the following question was asked and answered from over 1000 buyers of Heat Presses.
“What is the single most important issue you have before you buy a Heat Press ” ?

What do you think the answer was ?

Was it quality? Was it service? Was it support? NO.

The answer was this ! Over 90% said they didn’t want to talk to a SALESPERSON before purchase.

Only 5% said they were happy to just get a price. So do not be afraid to ask for someone who knows their product and will not just try and sell you anything.

Ask us the classic line “Why should I buy a Heat Press from you or your Company” Pretty simple, am I right. Why not try it.

There are many things to consider when looking for a new or replacement heat press. Whether it be either a swing a way or clam style type or one of the specialty presses, such as a mug press, cap press or plate press. Before you make any decision, lets look at the methods you can use to find those presses.
* On the internet you will find many by doing a search for any general term. For instance, mug press, clamshell heat
press, swing away heat press, etc. are great search terms.
* Be sure you to check other countries web sites as well, like the USA, UK, Asia and Canada.
*Check your local paper, phone book and ask others you know in the business for referrals.

After a short time you should see a trend that will point to those most recognised as the quality machines such as HIX, George Knight, Phoenix, Perfecta and the NEW STOCKMAN range. There will also be other machines that are in the lower price range and have a similar look and appearance. Research and gather information just as you would with any other product.

Next would be to think about your business potential. What type of heat press you purchase is important, however one aspect often overlooked during the purchase is the heat press supplier. Most heat press purchases are made after advice and knowledge given from the supplier. Seldom are heat presses simply taken off a shelf and sold without discussion. This one major factor surely highlights the importance of getting the correct information.
Buying online on Auction sites like eBay and Gumtree can be a very costly and an unwise choice.

Print and keep a copy of this questionnaire near you.
Now call the other suppliers “that’s if you can” on Ebay and ask them all the following questions.
or email these questions to them and await their answers. NOW score each company or supplier you contact.

Company Name _________________________

Phone _____________________________

Contact person ___________________________

For any YES answer score ONE.

1. If I buy a Heat Press and it does not work straight away, will your supplier guarantee to ship a brand new Heat Press if the fault can not be fixed easily over the phone.

2. Was it easy to contact the Heat Press supplier, did they reply quickly to your enquiry email or phone call, and were you satisfied with their response?

3.  Did they explain their warranty policy on the electrical components and the differences in Heat Press heat platens?

4.  Does the Heat Press supplier have a phone number and address, should you need to locate them?

5.  Did the Heat Press supplier offer to send samples and information of this product or other products that might be helpful to making your decision ?

6.  Does the Heat Press come with all the necessary essentials, like teflon sheets, extra pressing mats, instructions etc?

7.  Did you talk to the one of the Owners, Technicians or did you talk to a sales person?
Do not be afraid to ask this question!

8.  Were you asked about your plans, what you were attempting to create or was the conversation only about prices and delivery?

9.  Did the company offer free individual or group training and workshops. Focusing directly on the products you are interested in?

10.  Did the Heat Press Company ask you questions and was there any offer of comparable products and range of prices of better quality machines or other options.?

11.  Is the product offered in stock and ready to ship?

12.  Is the shipping cost and GST included in final price or additional?

13.  Is the company an Authorised Distributor and importer of a major quality Heat Press Company?

14.  Also does the company you are purchasing from have an onsite repair centre with qualified technicians?

Now tally up your points and compare them to the scale below to judge each Heat Press Supply Company you contact.
You will be surprised at the different answers you get.
So When Choosing a Heat Press in Australia, be armed with as much information as required to choose correctly.


Under 7 points – High Risk
8 – 10 points – Treat with caution
11 – 13 points – Fair to Good
14 out of 14 – Excellent ………. Place the Order with Total confidence.
Rest assured, Picture Perfect Products can answer YES to to all these questions with a score of 14
Terry Rea / Owner Picture Perfect Products