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First-rate Galaxy Heat Press Machines in Central Coast

As the sole distributor of Galaxy heat press products in Central Coast, Picture Perfect Products’ keen sense of identifying the finest equipment for custom printing is totally spot on! Galaxy Press has been making high-quality press machines more than a decade ago starting with their very first batch of heat presses in 2012. Used in many parts of Europe, and steadily increasing its market globally, the range of high-quality heat presses from Galaxy Press is now in the country, proudly distributed by us.

With first-rate heat presses from Galaxy Press, your custom printing business will see a lot of sales opportunities opening up, from customers coming from various school organisations, sports leagues, fraternities and sororities, charities, social organisations, and many others. And if you’re a creative one, you can create your own designs by heat pressing them on various items like t-shirts, tumblers, mugs, and many more! On-demand printing has become lucrative because of the low overhead, quick turnaround, and increased product offerings you can introduce to your customers.

Our Galaxy Press Heat Presses

The line of Hobby Presses from Galaxy Press is designed for those who are stay-at-home and want to earn, or for startup custom print businesses.

Galaxy Hobby Press Pro. This heat press for A4 size is most suitable for startups and home businesses. Lightweight (14kg), compact, and portable, it provides the convenience of a regular clamshell heat press.

Galaxy Hobby Press Pro+ Interchangeable Auto Slider. A redesign of the regular hobby press, you get additional features plus a little extra size for your heat pressing requirements.

Galaxy Mug Press Pro. Capable of pressing 10 and 11 oz. mugs, travel mugs, and drink bottles, the unit has an automatic countdown that starts when you open the press and stops when you close it.

Galaxy Interchangeable Tumbler Press. Unleash your creative designs and print them onto large tumblers and other styles of drinkware as this unit is compatible with many sized platens!

Galaxy Hat Heat Press. This unit is more than just a hat heat press! With various extra attachment bases of different sizes (cost extra), you can heat press your designs on bags, pockets, sleeves, and even collars!

Galaxy Pen Press. The latest offering from Galaxy Press, this unit is only compatible with the Galaxy Tumbler Press. Now, you can make up to 6 sublimation pens in one go by just attaching this unit to your tumbler press.

Commercial Presses

Galaxy Auto Slider Interchangeable Heat Presses. The units come in 38cm x 38cm. and 40cm x 50cm. The units are very user-friendly with advanced features like a pressure sensor, auto-open slider, and the patented Ramlock system.

Galaxy Swinglight Heat Press – 40cm x 50cm. This unit has a swing-away design for unobstructed access to the lower base/platen that makes for easy and hassle-free loading of garments for place transfers.

For more information on our Galaxy Heat Press machines in Central Coast, our friendly staff at Picture Perfect Products are more than happy to entertain your queries.