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DTF Printers Bondi (Direct To Film)

If you have plans to be one of the DTF Printers Bondi (Direct to Film) needs, then Picture Perfect Products has got your back. We have a range of top-of-the-line DTF Printers that will boost your printing capabilities, letting you churn out exceptional designs for your garment personalisation. Many t-shirt printing and other custom apparel businesses have DTF printers as these are versatile enough to churn out designs for customised clothing and other materials like bags, towels, sleeves, and many more!

Aside from their capability to work well with a lot of fabrics, DTF Printers can work on other materials as well. It allows you to print your designs on hard goods such as mugs, tumblers, glass, wood, and the like. That said, you can widen your product offerings by applying your designs onto a whole lot of merchandising materials. Another factor going for DTF Printers is the speed of their printing process. The machines can handle small and large volume orders because of their easy-to-use printing operation and quick production cycle.

The DTF Edge

Aside from the capability to print on many types of fabrics and materials and high-speed quality printing, DTF printers have a lot going for them. Here are the advantages of having a DTF printer for your custom printing business:

Easy to learn. DTF printers streamlined the printing process so you can easily operate the machine; the process is very simple: create the digital artwork, print it on the film, then transfer it onto the fabric or material.

No pretreatment of fabric needed. Unlike other printing processes, no pretreatment of fabrics is required.

Sustainable and environment friendly. Uses water-based, biodegradable inks, they’re free of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and other toxic chemicals.

Better quality of print out. Despite using 75% less ink, the printouts from DTF equipment are of high quality.

Needs less space. Compared to other printing equipment, DTF printers are more compact.

Matchless Customer Service

Picture Perfect Products offers matchless customer service as we take total customer satisfaction very seriously. When you buy a DTF printer from us, your transaction doesn’t end there. We offer technical support to assist you with any issues or if you have questions about operating the equipment. We also provide professional training, and even financing, as part of our DTF Complete Packages. We won’t leave you by yourself, figuring out how to operate the equipment because we want you to fully realise its potential and how it can help your custom printing business to the fullest.

We Are The Printing Supplier of Choice

Picture Perfect Products has more than 17 years of experience in the sublimation and heat press industry and 40+ years in the printing industry. We are proud to be the sole distributor of Galaxy Press’ range of heat presses, as well as other printing equipment like DTF printers in Bondi (Direct to Film). Our years in the industry have honed our skills in identifying quality equipment to make it in this business. By offering heat press machines and DTF printers that deliver matchless performance, coupled with our outstanding customer support, competitive prices, and packages, your printing business is surely headed for success.