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Direct to film printers work well with a lot of surface materials from fabrics like cotton, polyester, blends, and even nylon to garments, apparel, and accessories like shirts, pants, jackets, hats, bags, and the like. As this versatility is inherent in many direct to film printers, they are definitely a big help if your business is engaged in custom printing services where personalisation and creativity score big with customers.

Picture Perfect Products is proud to offer you top-notch DTF printers that will increase your printing capabilities, allowing you to print out custom designs quickly. Aside from versatility and speed, DTF printers give you a lot of advantages that no other printers can, such as:

Ease of Use. DTF printers are easy to use as it has simplified the printing process into three steps: creation of digital artwork, printing it on film, and transferring it on the material. What’s more, you don’t need to have the fabrics you will use undergo pretreatment. You can print them directly.

Ecofriendly. DTF technology uses water-based and biodegradable inks which do not contain PVC and other toxic content making DTF printing sustainable and safe for the environment. Having said that, DTF printing uses 75% less ink but the printouts are of high quality!

Ergonomic. DTF printers come in compact sizes as opposed to traditional printing equipment that takes up a lot of space. This means you have more room to work around.

Make Picture Perfect Products your supplier of choice for all your printing needs, including direct to film printers. We offer technical support and provide professional training, and even financing, as part of our DTF Complete Packages. Know more about our product offerings. Call us today!

About Picture Perfect Products

Picture Perfect Products is the choice supplier of many custom printing businesses, big and small, in NSW and the whole of Australia. We have built our reputation in the sublimation and heat press industry for more than 17 years now, while our management team has 40+ years of experience in the printing industry. We’re proud to be the sole distributor of the best range of heat presses from Galaxy Press which includes the Stockman Heat Press machines.