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Count On Picture Perfect For Your DTF Supplies in Newcastle

Picture Perfect Products is your dependable source for your DTF supplies in Newcastle and other printing needs. Source your film, inks, powder, and even a DTF oven, from us, especially if you are using Galaxy DTF printers for your custom printing business. To ensure that your DTF printers will last a lifetime, we advise you to only use quality printing supplies and accessories. And get these DTF supplies Newcastle from trusted distributors like Picture Perfect Products.

DTF Films

The Matte DTF Printable Films we have are available in two varieties: 

1. A3 (297mm x 420mm) of 100 Sheets
2. A3+ (300mm x 480mm) of 100 Sheets

Best used for cold peel, the DTF films produce vibrant colour transfers, are washable, and give that soft, stretchable feel that translates to a more durable finish. You can print your designs onto many fabrics and materials. Just make sure that you are printing on the matte side of the film. While the DTF films we have in store are made for Galaxy DTF printers, they can be used in most DTF printers and modified printers as well.

Galaxy DTF Inks

Sold per bottle and available in 200ml and 1000 (1L), our Galaxy DTF inks come in CMYK and White inks. Each bottle is guaranteed to produce excellent colour reproduction and fastness. When properly printed, cured, and pressed, the wash resistance of the ink lasts up to 60+ washes (when washed at up to 60 °C). All the Galaxy DTF inks are certified by OEKO-TEX® ECO PASSPORT, an independent certifying body that checks for chemicals, colourants, and accessories used in producing textiles and leather items are not harmful to humans, meeting their statutory requirements that are recognised by the textile and leather industry.

Galaxy DTF Powder

Available in 1kg bags, the Galaxy DTF powder is a hot melt powder of polyurethane resin ground into adhesive powder. Composed of small white particles, it is used to cover the print design before going through the DTF process. The powder then adheres to the wet ink being printed on the film during pressing. Residual powder (those that did not adhere to the ink) can be reused. DTF Powder is suitable for DTF on coarse fabric and/or light-coloured garments.

Galaxy DTF Oven

Picture Perfect Products has a smaller curing oven suitable for DTF films of up to A3 in size and smaller. The Galaxy DTF Oven A3 is user-friendly with precision control for temperature and curing time. A perfect companion to any Galaxy DTF printer, as well as most DTF printers from major brands out in the market, the Galaxy DTF Oven A3 has the following features:

1. A certified heating pipe for perfect heat distribution
2. Sealed base to ensure even temperature
3. Ventilation grills to prevent overheating
4. Thermal insulation cotton so top cover will not get too hot
5. Thermostat to protect the heater from overloading
6. Drawer with handle for easy sliding of tray in and out; use of the handle prevents burns

The Galaxy DTF Oven is ideal for the production of small quantities of print-on-demand orders. It can be used with other DTF films and inks/powders, etc.

Trust Picture Perfect Products to provide you with the DTF supplies Newcastle you need for your custom print, promotional items, or garment personalisation business.