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For businesses engaged in commercial printing, you need commercial presses that will deliver the quality and quantity that your customers need, and Picture Perfect Products has got your back. We offer commercial presses from Galaxy and Stockman, brands that deliver quality output that you can be proud of. These commercial heat presses are for sublimation printing and are the ideal ones for businesses that are into printing customised and personalised merchandise such as garments, t-shirts, caps, mugs, and the like. What makes these commercial heat presses great is you can change their bases or platen to hold different sizes of garments for heat pressing.

Galaxy Heat Presses

Auto Slider Interchangeable Heat Presses. Available in 2 sizes: 38cm x 38cm. and 40cm x 50cm. These commercial presses are easy to use and feature a pressure sensor, an auto-open slider, and the patented Ramlock system.

Swinglight Heat Press. Comes in 40cm x 50cm, this heat press has a swing-away design for clear access to the lower base/platen, allowing for easy loading of garments for place transfers.

Stockman Heat Presses

Stockman Brumby. Ideal for small custom printing businesses, it comes with a 28cm x 38cm heat platen that can be used for heat pressing vinyl, fabrics, ceramics, and other heat-resistant materials.

Stockman Colt. Ideal for start-up custom printing businesses, this heat press can also be used for digital direct-to-garment printing and heat transfer applications. It has a thick, non-stick Teflon-coated upper heat platen that provides a very balanced distribution of heat and pressure during heat transfer.

Stockman Stallion. Ideal for bigger custom printing businesses that have larger printing demands, this heat press comes with a 16″ x 20″ heat platen. It has an easy-to-use control panel and heavy-duty frame providing you with a stress-free heat-pressing process.

About Picture Perfect Products

Picture Perfect Products is the choice supplier of many custom printing businesses, big and small, in NSW and the whole of Australia. We have built our reputation in the sublimation and heat press industry for more than 17 years now, while our management team has 40+ years of experience in the printing industry. We’re proud to be the sole distributor of the best range of heat presses from Galaxy Press which includes the Stockman Heat Press machines.