Soft Cloth Baby Book for Sublimation – 6 Pages 13cm x 13cm


Discover our soft, safe, and durable sublimation blank baby book, designed for early education and visual development with 6 engaging, washable pages.

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Soft Cloth Baby Book for Sublimation – 6 Pages 13cm x 13cm $5.95

Soft Cloth Baby Book Sublimation Blank  – 6 Pages – 13cm x 13cm

The sublimation blank baby book is a delightful toy for infants and an excellent tool for early education and eyesight development. Prioritising safety, every detail of this cloth book has been carefully designed and crafted to ensure a safe and secure experience for babies.
The book can be personalised with their own photos and of loved ones! Creating a beautiful, unique and engaging toy for babies.


Skin-friendly Fabric Cover: The baby book cover is made of incredibly soft cloth, offering a delightful and comfortable tactile experience. Designed with the utmost safety in mind, it’s perfect for babies.

Hygienic and Resilient Insert: The book is filled with specially crafted foam that ensures both cleanliness and bounce. Its pages stay flat, providing a flawless presentation of the illustrations.

Durable and Reusable Design: Featuring a high-quality cloth cover, this baby book is durable, resistant to dirt, and easy to wash, making it reusable for long-lasting enjoyment.

6-Page Design: The cloth book has 6 pages, each featuring a different design, allowing babies to engage in various eyesight exercises.