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Welcome to the "SUPER STORE" of Heat Transfer and Sublimation - Largest selection of HEAT PRESSES in Australia - Iron on Transfer Paper - Great Range of T-Shirts. 
Here you will find the largest variety of Sublimation Blank Products - Smart Phone and Tablet Cases - Blank Coated Mugs - Blank Stubby Holders - Business Start Up Packages.
Plus all types of Desktop and Wide Format Printers - Sublimation Printers and Inks - Continuous Ink Supply Systems
with full support using www.SKYPE.com
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Smart Phone and Tablet Business

The Smartphone and Tablet Personalising Business is the fastest growing
new Business opportunity in the world TODAY.
Did you know in Australia in the last 12 months the use of Smartphones
and Hand Held Devises has grown over 300%.
Under 20% of the population used a Smartphone 12 months ago, now in excess of 60%.
A recent poll taken of users indicated that they would swap their personalised
Smartphone or Tablet cover at least 4-5 times a year.
Meaning the consisitent need to produce these products will grow much faster than
sales of the devices. So NOW is the TIME to get involved.

How can I get started ?
Let Picture Perfect Products start you on your journey TODAY.

What do I get in the Package ?
Picture Perfect Products has put together this very special Package.
All the guess work is gone.......Everything you need is supplied.

You get all the Equipment, Printers, Graphic Programs

What about Product ? How do I know what is popular ?
Included in the Package is over $4,000 worth of popular product.
iPhone, iPod Touch, Samsung Galaxy and Note, HTC, Blackberry and more.

What about ongoing Product and getting the best prices ?
We supply ongoing product at retail and wholesale prices.
So there is no need to go offshore and risk being supplied inferior products
and being ripped off. We do the hardwork for you.
If it's small quantities, then thats fine, if it's thousands of blanks then YES thats OK.

Is it easy to do, what is the proceedure.?
Yes indeed, watch the Video below and see for yourself the ease of Designing, Printing and Pressing.
If you have a computer, a laptop would be perfect. Have a flair for Design and
an undersanding of Sales and Marketing, where you want to set up shop, online, markets etc.
Then all will be fine. If you need any advice, then thats fine as well.
Speak to Terry or SaraJane about all the logistics of the Start up Phase.
Included is all the Templates of each product, simply open any template in Photoshop,
place the image and type in position as shown in Video.
Then Print using our supplied icc colour profiles and settings, then the rest is easy.

Then do one of the 3 things
1. Call us on 02 80917111
2. Skype us at PPP-Australia
3. Email us at enquiries@PicturePerfectProducts.com.au
This Complete Package could be yours for only $19 Per Week
Sell one iPhone Cover a week.....Yes.... one iPhone Cover
The rest is profit.  Mini-Lease the Equipment

No ABN is needed


Picture Perfect Products is a proud Australian Company.
We have helped hundreds of customers become independant,
successful and start highly profitable businesses all over Australia.

It's what we do and what we do WELL......
Are you buying a heat press?





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